Wireless Remote Receiver Otari decks that use the CB-127-S (ZA-5AF) wired remote

Last updated December 19, 2015

Otari CB-127 wireless is $69 when purchased direct (or on eBay for $74). Comes with wireless remote receiver unit and a preprogrammed universal remote. Shipping is $8 within the US or $16 outside the US. Contact me at scott@revoxremotes.com

This unit controls the standard transport controls on the Otari MTR-15, MX-50, MX-55, MX-55N, MX-5050 BIII-8, MX-5050 MkIV-2 & MkIV-4 deck (Play, Record, Stop, Fast Forward, Rewind and Lifter). It uses any standard universal remote programmed for Sony VCR (preprogrammed DirecTV remote included).

Also Available:
Wireless remote adapter for Otari decks that use the Otari CR-705A (CB-102-S) wired remote. Will work with the Otari MTR-10-2, MTR-10-4, MTR-12II-I, MX-5050, MX-5050 (QXHD, B2HD, BQII, BII2, B2F, BIII-4, MkIII-4) and other decks that have the brick red 12-pin cinch jones connector on the back.

I do not make a remote for the MX-5050 MkIII decks.

Contact me if you are interested. My email address is scott@revoxremotes.com

Maker of wireless remote adapters for vintage tape decks. Remote adapters are also available for Aiwa, Akai, Ampex, Crown, Denon, Nakamichi, Otari, Pioneer, Revox, Sony, Studer, Tandberg, Tascam, Teac and Technics decks.